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Protecting Your Identity

It is the year 2019 of the 21st century. It is amazing to see the advances in technology that exist today and from which many of us benefit on a daily bases. For those who have already turned into living half of a century, they can make a great distinction of what it was like […]

Preparing For Difficult Times

For years we have witnessed many changes in nature. The times in which we live now are very different from the days of our childhood. We see days of extreme temperatures (hot or cold), more intense storms, strong earthquakes everywhere, volcanoes erupting more frequently, glacial poles melting and many other situations of nature that affect […]

Ammo Can Stove

In a survival situation and where we are forced to be out of our house for a few days, maybe weeks or even months, it is of utmost importance to complete several survival steps and among them is to have fire and where to cook. On several occasions I have talked about the importance of […]

Drinkable Seawater

The human being can be without food for several weeks during critical conditions, like a disaster, however, scientifically speaking, the body cannot live without water for more than three days. In a catastrophic situation, our priorities must be focused on our survival. Objective number one should be, where can we get our supplies of drinking […]

Why Living Like Preppers ?

This is more like my own reason to be a Prepper and it has to do with my deep christian beliefs. There are times when I sit down to see all my Preppers equipment and supplies and I ask myself; Why am I doing all this? Am I doing the right thing? What if I […]


Are You Ready? We are living in times when things can change in a blink of an eye. The world is going thru changes never seen before, many natural and environmental changes, some other man made. There are political changes, religion persecutions, hunger, all kinds of viruses, and many more issues that will take half […]