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Your Bug Out Bag

THE BUG-OUT BAG Also know as survival backpack, has become the symbolic icon of Preppers. The bug-out bagt is a backpack with everything you need to survive for up to 3 days (minimum) in the worst conditions after a disaster. A Prepper should start the basic survival training by learning the importance of having a backpack […]

Shopping Like A Prepper

Whenever we are buying supply food for our reserves, it’s very important to buy smart and stretch our dollar to the max. As a Latino prepper, rice and beans is our main dish on many nights and is cheap to buy. The best thing about rice and beans is that is easy to keep on […]

Treating A Cut When No Medication Is Available

Nature gives us many home remedies that work very well and sometimes even better than the medications that we are prescribed today. I personally believe a lot in home remedies and although I take prescription drugs when I need to, but I also have replaced some treatments with natural home remedies and they have work just […]

Fallkniven A1

Model A1 is a semi-large all-purpose knife for heavy duty use. The powerful blade is made of extremely hard yet tough laminated VG10 steel and will withstand the stress of hard use. The knife is superb to chop with, but also works very well with daily tasks, thanks to the ergonomic grip. The full tang […]

Schrade F9

I recently bought an extra knife to have it in my Bug-out bag. Although I have like 3 small and medium folding knives and one tactical knife from Cold Steel, but I wanted to have a survival knife to use more for the heavy duty workload of survival and not for defense. The problem was […]