For those who have guns, they know that cleaning the weapon is very important step to keep the gun in (top notch) excellent conditions. During my 8 years as a concealed weapons carrier, I’ve used various cleaning products on the market and really there are many products that are ok, some others do not work that good and very few products that you will say, “this is the one”.About 3 years ago, at the gun shop where I usually go to, gave me a sample of a product called “Frog Lube” and they said to go ahead and try it and tell them what I would thought about the product. Since then I do not want to use any other product. This product is the best for my weapons, and that’s a fact!

“Frog Lube is simply the best cleaner and lubricant for my weapons”.

Frog Lube is a natural product, and does not use petroleum-based products. It is 100% biodegradable, smells and tastes like fresh mint (I’ve taste it and I’m still alive – but it’s not that It was created by a Navy Seal, who was looking for a product that would protect his weapons during combat, especially with all the abuse that the weapon received. It is recommended (but not mandatory) heating the weapon (with a hair dryer) before applying the Frog Lube. You will notice a huge difference in your guns and you will never go back to use those petroleum-based products.

Boricua Preppers recommend it.


Video from Sootch00

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