Are You Ready?

We are living in times when things can change in a blink of an eye. The world is going thru changes never seen before, many natural and environmental changes, some other man made. There are political changes, religion persecutions, hunger, all kinds of viruses, and many more issues that will take half of this page to mention each one of them.

As Preppers we have been learning new skills and getting ready with our survival equipment and tactical gear. But when the moment comes to use our skills in real life scenario, and use all our equipment and tactical gear. Do we really know how to react to the real treat, when the SHTF?

The solution: Drill..drill..drill

Many Preppers are ready to their teeth for what ever comes ahead of them in life, but in reality, many of them have never set up a drill to practice their survival skills.  Then, they may have spend a lot of money for their gear and may have some knowledge about survival, hey maybe they have read many survival books and watched some videos too. But, what benefit you can get from knowing all the theory but not the actual practical skills.

Imagine this, your closest neighborhood EMT unit have all the latest gadget for emergency services, a brand new ambulance with all kind the necessary equipment to safe a person’s life, however the crew was the best of their class and trained with the latest videos and books about EMT and rescue, but, NO PRACTICAL TRAINING at all. What are the chances for that crew to save the patients life? Minimal for sure. Therefore training as a Prepper for survival, plays the number one rule that you should have together with your family. PRACTICE..PRACTICE and more PRACTICE makes perfection and muscle drill is what makes any unit fit for action. This learning/practice rules applies to the military, police, EMT, fire crew and many other organizations in the whole world. It is even a fact of life, where you must practice what you learn so you can use the knowledge when the times comes.

Never Stop Learning

Have you seen the changes that the internet has bring to many people, and I’m talking about the good changes (let’s leave the bad ones out). Now you can learn new skills everyday, by just taking the time to sit down in front of your computer and chose a topic and do you research about it. I get frustrated sometimes when I see people lacking of basic skills that we can apply in our everyday life, however the same person knows everything about celebrities gossip and all kind of non-sense garbage. I find so gratifying to self teach myself with new knowledge about many topics, specially about topics related to this “Prepper” way of life. So I encourage you to challenge yourself a set a time at least once a week and begin learning a new skill, and then another and another. Next thing you know you are close to be a GURU in Prepping (or any other skill). Did you know, that in the event of a catastrophic situation you can use your skills to barter for something that you may need. Say, that you need some firewood and your neighbor needs some plumbing in their house, instead of buying the wood and use some of your money (that maybe you don’t have), but you can offer your skills instead and barter with that.

Don’t Wait Until That Last Day

Many, and I say this again, many Preppers have never put in practice their knowledge and skills learned. Waiting maybe to the day of the catastrophic disaster to finally use what they learned long time ago and guess what? Most likely they will not know what to do because of the pressure and stress of the actual situation. Therefore it is imperative that we practice and drill as many times as we can. Again, muscle memory is the key. React with the proper skills base own your knowledge and practice done.

Set with your family a day on a weekend and turn off all the power breakers to simulate a power surge that took out the grid in you area and your city will be without power for months. Be realistic in everything you do, teach your family how important this drill is. Maybe the next drill, you practice for a whole weekend and the next one for a whole week. I know it’s easier said than done, but we must try, it can save our lives in the future.


 Last But Not Least

Things that you can practice during your drill:

  • Sheltering in place in your home
  • Bug-out to your secondary location and use your B.O.B
  • Building a fire (try not to use any lighters or matches)
  • First -Aid and trauma treatment
  • Cooking without using your kitchen (outdoors)
  • Setting up a shelter
  • Purify water to drink
  • Many more skills
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