Fallkniven A1
Fallkniven A1

A world standard was set with the Fallkniven A1 through attention to important details, including technical design, ergonomics, and economy. The Fallkniven A1 surpasses international standards for strength, personal security capabilities, and value for money. The Fallkniven A1 is an all-purpose knife on the larger side designed for heavy-duty use. The sturdy blade is made of extremely hard and tough Laminated VG10 steel and will withstand the stress of hard use.

The knife is superb at chopping and more delicate daily cutting tasks thanks to the ergonomic grip. The full tang goes entirely through the handle to strike with the end of it without breaking the grip. The sturdy Zytel sheath allows you to fasten the knife on your belt or your pack, and even upside down. The Fallkniven A1 is unaffected by water and works equally well in extreme cold and stifling heat.

A1 Black Coating

Fallkniven A1

If your needs require that no reflections come from your knife blade, we offer a black CeraKote option. The CeraKote is an extremely tough surface coating that will also protect the blade from corrosion. CeraKote is a hard coating made of Teflon and ceramics that we apply for military users and others who want to avoid shiny blades. However, although CeraKote is an industry-standard, it is also just a finish applied to the metal blade similar to painting a car. Please note that physical abrasions could scratch through the CeraKote coating. Over time, the black CeraKote may separate from the blade, but more durable coatings make the knife difficult to sharpen and cost up to 100 times more than CeraKote.

Attaching a black surface on the rust-resistant, perfectly smooth blade so that it sticks for time and eternity is impossible. We have tested some extremely hard coatings, but they proved to be many times more expensive and make it harder to sharpen the knife.


Steel – Lam. VG10

Hardness – (HRC)59

Edge – Convex

Tang – Protruding broad tang.

Handle material – Kraton

Sheath – Leather, Zytel, Zytel (left)

Weight, knife only – (g)319

Blade length – (mm)160

Blade thickness – (mm)6

Total length – (mm)280

Coating – Black coated, Satin finish

Made in Sweden

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