Practice To Overcome Difficulties

Are You Ready?

We are living in days when things can change in the blink of an eye. The world is going through extreme changes never seen before, many are mother nature changes, and some other human-made. There are severe storms, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, and many other dangerously nature activities. Then you have political issues that can start civil unrest, religious persecutions, and hunger. Not to forget all kinds of viruses and plagues in some parts of the world and many more human-made issues that will take half of this page to mention all of them. As preppers, we have been learning different skills and getting our survival equipment and tactical gear ready. But what is going to happen when the moment to use our expertise in a real crisis comes. Do you know how you will react to the real treat when the SHTF? The solution: practice to overcome difficulties.

So You Had Learn But Have You Practice?

Many preppers are ready to their teeth for whatever comes ahead in their future. But in reality, many of them have never set up a training drill to practice their survival skills and overcome difficulties that may arise during a real crisis. Some preppers never received any survival skill training. They have never been in the military or never been in their high school jrROTC program, not even a Boyscout.

These same preppers may have spent a lot of money already on their gears, and maybe they also have some textbook knowledge about survival. Hey, maybe they watched a lot of YouTube videos. So what benefit can they get from knowing all the theory, but they lack actual practice or hands-on training.

A good example would be having a good trauma kit in the bug-out bags but having no clues on how to apply a tourniquet, or how to dress up a deep wound and stop the bleeding. In the real day, that trauma kit in the hands of someone who has not practiced the theory skill is most likely useless.

Practice To Overcome Difficulties

A prepper training for survival scenarios plays one of the essential rules in preparedness. And this is something that you should do it together with your family. Practice, practice, and more practice makes a person perfect for his duties.

Muscle memory, it’s what its called in the military; it is what makes any unit fit for action. Muscle memory means that you have learned a skill and had training on it until you master it, and then it comes to you as a natural reaction when needed.

Never Stop Learning…And Practice

Have you noticed how much the internet has changed since its invention? Now you can learn so many things, and I’m talking about the good ones, let’s leave the bad ones out. Nowadays, you can learn new skills online as often as you want. It would help if you took the time to sit down in front of your computer and choose a topic you want.

I sometimes get frustrated when I see people lacking necessary survival skills or any skills that we can apply to our daily life. However, some of these people know everything about celebrities, gossip, and all kind of non-sense garbage. I find it so gratifying to self-teach myself with new knowledge about topics, especially about teachings related to this “Prepper Way of Life.” So I encourage you to challenge yourself a set a time at least once a week, begin learning a new skill, and then another. Next thing you know, you are close to being a GURU in prepping (or any other subject matter).

Did you know that you can use your skills to swap for something that you may need in the event of a catastrophic situation? Suppose you need firewood, and your neighbor has some to spare. Your neighbor needs plumbing work done, so instead of buying the wood, you could offer to repair the plumbing in the house. The new skills you learned helped to get some of that wood as your payment. It’s a win-win for both.

Don’t Wait Until That Last Day

Many preppers have never put in practice their knowledge and skills learned. They are waiting for the day of the catastrophic disaster to use what they learned a long time ago, but guess what? Most likely, they will not know what to do because of the pressure and stress that they are going through on the actual situation. Therefore it is imperative to practice as much as you can to overcome fear and overcome difficulties. Again, muscle memory is the key to survivability. React to the situation with the proper skills. And all base on your knowledge and practice with your family.

Be realistic in everything you do; teach your family how important the drill is to set the family action plan in motion. If the “real McCoy” happens, then the family will be prepared for the worst.

I’ll strongly recommend to spare a weekend like every six months and set a practice scenario with your whole family at home. On that weekend, set an action plan for one or two days and begin the exercise by shooting down the power in the house. Simulate a geomagnetic storm that took out the power grid in your area, and now your city is without power for weeks or months. Be realistic in everything you do; teach your family how important the drill is to set the family action plan in motion. If one day the “real McCoy” happens, then the family is going to be prepared for the worst.

When I said “be realistic,” I mean to go all the way folks. So if you are going to do this for 24 hours, then it is 24 hours of complete chaos. Please do not use any of your appliances; remember that they don’t work. No fans, no a/c, no heater. Cook outdoors. The city water system is not working since the pumps are electrical, so you don’t have any water in the pipes, not even in the toilets. Do this training as real as it can get. If possible, do it for 48 hours. It could be stressful but fun too.

You and your family will be amazed at all the things that you could learn from the exercise, and the feeling of accomplishment once is finished. Later, sit all down and revise the whole training exercise. Share comments. What went right, and what went wrong? What can get improve for the next training? Once again, practice will always overcome fear and difficulties and create that muscle memory to save your lives.

 Last But Not Least

Things that you can practice during your drill:

  • Shelter in place at your home
  • Bug-out to your secondary location and use your B.O.B
  • Building a fire (try not to use any lighters or matches)
  • First -Aid and trauma treatment
  • Cooking without using your kitchen (outdoors)
  • Setting up a shelter
  • Purify water to drink
  • And many more skills

We need to challenge ourselves. Yes, we are tired of a long working week, and there are many other things to do around the house. The way I see this, if we are saying that we are preppers, then we must understand that the word prepper is a sugarcoated word for a survivalist. A real survivalist goes to the extreme with bushcraft skills and any other preparation skill possible. Are we the “real thing” or are we just one of the many, the “wanna be’s.”

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