For years we have witnessed many changes in nature. The times in which we live now are very different from the days of our childhood. We see days of extreme temperatures (hot or cold), more intense storms, strong earthquakes everywhere, volcanoes erupting more frequently, glacial poles melting and many other situations of nature that affect us as a civilization. Governments of different countries have posted warning notices for their citizens and even orientation campaigns and even web pages have been created for training on how to live prepared.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria Was Just The Beginning

In Puerto Rico many never thought to see and experience in their lives a terrible disaster as it was the passage of Hurricane Maria in September 2017. Being that we are a Caribbean island, we have always been exposed to hurricane seasons and have been victims of hurricanes in the past, but Maria was the unexpected, it was the hurricane that hit the Island of Puerto Rico and left a deep scar in the hearts of many. The same happened to those living in Texas and Florida with hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

For years, the alert voice of living prepared for a big crisis was taking place, but unfortunately there were very few who truly believed and listened to the call for preparation. Of course, for so many decades we have gotten rid of so many other hurricanes, then, why we can not get rid of Hurricane Maria? Unfortunately, it was not like that and everyone on the island experienced the fury of nature with a category 4 hurricane (with cat 5 bursts) and some other islands of the Caribbean were also devastated by this monster of nature.

Now in 2018 it is predicted that it will be a very active and dangerous hurricane season. According to the Global Weather Oscillation (GWO) website, 2018 is possibly the most active in the last 70 years. This agency was categorized as the most reliable in its predictions of 2017.

Extreme Preparations

But if the ravages of Hurricane Maria have not yet passed! There are still many people living without electricity and a few even without water.

Unfortunately, even under these conditions, we must begin to prepare for the next hurricane season that begins on June 1st of this year. You can not lower your guard. In addition, these preparations also serve for any other crisis that comes suddenly, say as in the case of an earthquake. Although preparing for such events entails quite substantial economic expenses, but we can not see it as an unnecessary expense, but rather as a necessity. For this reason you have to live in austerity and start leaving the extras aside and move that money to the area of ​​preparation. As many already know, the cost of products and equipment of first necessity after a disaster become scarce and in many cases the price to pay has been doubled and even tripled by some stores, even though the government says that the Prices will be regulated. Whoever has not learned this lesson with the experience of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria certainly lives on another planet.

There are almost 100 days left (at the time of writing this article) for the hurricane season of 2018 to start and the days go by and it is very important to make the most of our time to make all the preparations and be ready. Our desire is that nothing happens and it is all a prediction, but in the event of another hurricane like Harvey, Irma or Maria, we will be prepared for the worst.

Depending on the Government

Relying on the government can not be our plan of action. It would be the biggest mistake that we make. Another lesson that Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria gave us is that the government is not prepared for large-scale disasters. The logistics of food and water distribution and for the repair of the infrastructure is very disorganized and unfortunately there are corrupt hands between them that make everything late and we can not depend on them. To depend on the government is to be an irresponsible citizen and that certainly does not care for his life or that of his family. If there are people who, due to their age or disability, have no choice but to wait for government help or for a good Samaritan. If more people took the serious responsibility of living PREPARED, I think the burden of the government to administer and supply the aid would be lighter and in turn easier to handle and more effective (it is my personal opinion).

Preparation Priorities

It is very important as Preppers to have a plan of action written. I know we used to do everything in our minds (like good Latinos), but having a written plan that we can go through the list and make sure we do not overlook anything it’s extremely important. What things can we include in a preparation plan?

The following information is very helpful in preparing a complete preparation plan:

  • Talk to your family – Preparation is everybody’s business. Wrap your family and share opinions.
  • Make plans for different types of situations – hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, etc.
  • Evacuation routes and meeting places – Have more than one route and more than one meeting place.
  • Shelter in Place – If you had to stay at home. What should you do?
  • Your survival equipment – Make a list of the basic equipment and then a list of the advanced ones. How much money do you need?
  • Your food and water supplies – What do you need, how much do you need, where to store it and how much money do you need?
  • Plan A and plan B – always have a RESERVE PLAN and even plan C if necessary

Long-term Preparedness

Among all the teachings of Hurricane Maria, I think one of the most important is that you should not prepare for just 3 days. Boricua Prepper was always teaching to prepare for 6 months or more, but it was based on theories, well it is no longer a theory, but we already know that it is a reality and a necessity. Remember that, if you do not believe that all this odyssey can not be repeated, then you live in “the Island of Fantasy and your name is Tattoo”. PREPARE and take these matters very seriously.

The Bug Out Bag is still an important part of the Prepper, but for when you have to make a sudden escape and I advise you to have water and food in your backpack for 7 days and not for 3 days as always was saying. You can have enough rationed quantities for a week. It is the fact of surviving and not to devour everything in one day.

At home you must prepare for a long-term crisis. All viable means must be used to increase the food and water reserves. The food should be stored in the safest methods of preservation, which are canned food and grains and dry products stored in vacuum in Mylar bags, glass jars or plastic bags.

You must learn what products or food are good for long-term storage and that are easy to make or just require heating. I can not stop thinking about some pictures of Preppers that they share to show their reserves (which for me should be kept a secret. Would you show the money in your safe in a photo?) And in those photos I can sometimes contemplate products like flour for biscuits, sweets, desserts and other products that involve a lot of preparation or that are not a good food product for survival use.

Your Home Infrastructure

Another teaching with the passage of Hurricane Maria is the need to have and learn to use of secondary systems, in order to have drinking water and electricity. For drinking water, many people turned to water cisterns, rainwater retention, to look for river water, water filtration systems, portable gas or gasoline generators, power converters (dc to ac) using the battery of your cars, solar panels and many others.

Knowing that rebuilding the infrastructure of a devastated country involves a lot of time, money and dedication on the part of the government (which is usually very disorganized as is the case of PR), then it is our responsibility to find a way to become independent of the need of government assistance and supplying us with the necessary equipment to live as close as possible to normality in the midst of the circumstances of the crisis and disaster. All this entails extra expenses and it is for this reason that we can not see all this as an unnecessary expense or a luxury, since nowadays and because of how nature is changing, this then becomes a great need in our homes to ensure that we can survive even in the midst of disasters of catastrophic category.

Your Prepper Mentality

Only by having a survival mentality can you successfully face all these challenges and survival goals. It is not easy to face this current crisis and at the same time live with the expectation that another powerful hurricane or some other disaster is on our doorstep and that it could happen at any moment. However, we have to be realistic and know how to challenge the insecure. These are the times that we have to live. To think differently or not to accept this reality is simply not to live with the truth and to be irresponsible with ourselves and with our family.

Overcome this challenges yourself, seek new knowledge and new information and learn new skills that can help you be skillful in survival. Nowadays there are no excuses not to learn something new. We have the benefit of the internet and YouTube to watch videos. The responsibility falls on you, do not let the crisis come to your doors and catch you unnoticed and not being prepared. Be mindful at all times and watch your six and those that you love as well.


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