Roadside Safety Discs

Roadside Safety Discs – 1Tac

Roadside Safety Discs

These Roadside Safety Discs can be seen from over 5000 feet by oncoming motorists. Protect yourself and your family in all emergency situations, simply activate each light with a single click. The magnetic allows you to easily attach the discs to your car as well as the ground. They are waterproof and durable enough to withstand being run over and while still continuing to shine!

Roadside Safety Discs

Easy To Use

  • Simply activate with 1 easy click
  • Sticks on a car
  • Lays on the ground flat
  • Hang with the utility hook

Magnetic Base

  • Easily attach the discs to your car with the magnetic base
  • Attach to your bumper if you are towing something behind your car
  • Stick the disc onto the inside of your truck bed for extra work light


  • Waterproof/Crush proof/Shock proof
  • Will float in standing water
  • Can be seen thru fog or smoke
  • Light distance up to 5000 feet away
Roadside Safety Discs

1Tac roadside safety discs are sturdy, compact, lightweight, and one of the most potent emergency safety lights for your car, SUV, or truck today. Each roadside safety disc features fifteen LED light emitters that have a lifespan of about 100,000 hours.

Since the manufacturer has made the product dustproof, water-resistant, shock, and crushproof, it could outlast any other roadside safety discs in the market. The roadside safety discs have a digitally regulated output that seamlessly manages the brightness produced by each flashing mode. Furthermore, you can operate the light modes from one button for easy use.
1Tac provides the most efficient, brightest, and most robust emergency beacons available in the market. If you in a roadside emergency, you only need to press the button featured in the product.

Roadside Safety Discs

Your roadside safety discs turn into SOS safety beacons that secure you as you try to get your automobile back on the highway.
The safety discs’ magnetic base feature makes it possible for you to use both hands in a roadside emergency. With the push of a button, you right away can create a safety wall around your car, SUV, or truck to keep you and your family safe.

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