I recently bought an extra knife to have it in my Bug-out bag. Although I have like 3 small and medium folding knives and one tactical knife from Cold Steel, but I wanted to have a survival knife to use more for the heavy duty workload of survival and not for defense. The problem was that I did not have $ 100 or more to spend on a knife without having to give a good explanation to my wife who is always watching me with eagle eyes to see how much I spend on our Prepper stuff (who has a wife like mine..lol!!), but I found this Schrade F9 knife for less than $ 40 and I do not regret the purchase at all.

I was hoping for a Kydex sheath, instead it came with a nylon one with cheap seams, but again for the price, is more than good, and I will be working with a very strong knife and not with one of those “butter knife” that we have because we want to be very cheap in the equipment that we are buying. I have learn my lesson that when I’m too cheap, I’m buying crap most of the time. The Schrade F9 knife is made of High Carbon 1095 steel. It has 1/4 “thick and almost 6” long knife. It has a good grip and weighs almost 16 ounces. It is a knife made for heavy duty work and then cuts the onions and vegetables like butter.

Boricua Preppers recommends this beautiful knife for those Preppers with a reduced budget. A high quality knife for a reasonable price.



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