Nature gives us many home remedies that work very well and sometimes even better than the medications that we are prescribed today. I personally believe a lot in home remedies and although I take prescription drugs when I need to, but I also have replaced some treatments with natural home remedies and they have work just as good as the prescribed medications.

Now, imagine that you are in a bug-out situation, in the woods and suddenly you have a deep cut on your arm, the first thing to do if there is bleeding is quickly apply pressure and lift up your arm until the wound stop bleeding. The second thing to do and here is the subject of this article, is to clean the wound to avoid an infection.

There are several ways to clean and disinfect the wound with natural home remedies. Here are 5 of the many natural home remedies available to cleanse wounds and cuts when no over the counter or prescribed medications are available.


Garlic has been used for many generations as a natural antiseptic. It has anti-bacterial and antivirus properties. Garlic should always be used fresh and the fresher the stronger its the healing power. The main healing ingredient in garlic is the “allicin” and it is extracted the moment the garlic is crushed. The allicin is what gives the peculiar aroma of garlic. It should be applied immediately the garlic is crushed, as it loses its healing properties quickly. Once applied, the wound should be cleaned with a clean cloth that has been sterilized with more fresh crushed garlic, or dipped in boiling water to sterilize it, and this in case you do not have a sterilized gauze available.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil has become very famous for its healing properties. It is extremely important to make it clear that it cannot be digested as it can cause poisoning. After the wound was cleaned you can put a few drops of this oil and place a clean bandage on the wound. Tea tree oil is used to prevent infections caused by microbes.


Of all natural remedies and antiseptics, bee honey is among the most used around the world and with various uses. For wounds and cuts, honey is the natural product with the broadest anti-bacterial capacity. Its high acidity, osmolarity and natural content of hydrogen peroxide make it effective in its healing power. The fresher the honey, the stronger its healing power. Honey also has anti-inflammatory elements and because it is thick and sticky, it is easy to keep in the wound and cover the wound from exposure to bacteria. Keep the wound well covered to avoid attracting insects to your wound.


Another way to protect a wound after cleaning is to apply sugar. The sugar absorbs all moisture from the wound and dehydrates any presence of bacteria in the wound. Keeping the wound clean, sterile and free of bacteria, will cause the wound or cut to heal quickly. In order for the sugar to do its healing function, it must be changed from the wound whenever it is seen that ah absorbed moisture from the wound. Like honey, the wound must be well covered to avoid attracting insects.

Aloe Vera

There is not much to say about aloe, since aloe has an international reputation for being one of the best plants with dermatological properties and used in so many beauty products and skin medications. Aloe should be used fresh, just removed the skin from the leaf. You only have to peel it with a sharp knife and extract the pulp. The pulp can be crushed and applied to the wound, or you can put the pulp in a cloth and squeeze it until you extract drops of juice juice and put several drops of that juice extract on the wound. Its healing power against infections is making every day more people to include this plant in the urban orchard. Share this knowledge with your family and remember that these 5 remedies are just some of the thousands of natural home remedies that exist and they all work amazingly. If not, ask your mom or grandma, they know much more about this!!!

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