When the moment of truth has arrived

My personal reason to be a Prepper in today’s world.

There are times when I sit down to see all my Preppers equipment and supplies and I ask myself; Why am I doing this? Am I doing the right thing? What if I invest all this money and nothing happens? When these thoughts (DOUBTS) come to me, I just have to think on what made me a Prepper in the first place. As many already know, my roots as a Prepper began with the 2001 Twin Towers attacks and Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005.

First, the attack to the Twin Towers taught me to live prepared before the human wickedness that surround us every day and the second, Katrina hurricane taught me how nature has changed so much and can unleash all its fury at any giving time. What I did not understand until much later is that God wanted me to prepare myself also in the spiritual. (What profit does a man gain if he gains the whole world (and safe his life), and loses his soul? Mt 16:26

I am a Prepper who firmly believe that the canned products that I keep, are foods that I can consume quietly even past the dates listed on the can. Precisely I have spent a lot of time researching on the internet on this subject and there is so much data and information in favor of consuming canned products that have passed from the date listed in the cans and I can calmly say that me and my family can consume them for years after.

As I said at the beginning, there were two incidents that awakened in me that “Prepper” spirit of preparation. But then again, there has not been another disaster of the same magnitude, at least not in the United States and it is here that many people who started the Preppers “lifestyle” and soon after surrender and quit, because that Prepper lifestyle was not planted in their hearts. It was all a passing fever. It was something that they saw in others and looked attractive to their eyes, but not to their hearts. It’s like a diets, you look in the mirror and didn’t liked what you saw and decide to start a diet, then, several weeks or maybe only days after you leave the diet and go back to your good old habits. Living prepared or living like a Prepper has to have a fundamental reason “seeded” in your heart so that when you see nothing happen, continue to prepare yourself, NO MATTER WHAT. Then over time, God taught me that living PREPARED was biblical.

Jesus once said, that would come very difficult days and that we must live prepared.

Mt.24: 6 says, ” And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be
not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the
end is not yet. 7. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against
kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and
earthquakes, in divers places. 8. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

” Then later in verse 44 says, ” Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think
not the Son of man cometh.”

Although Jesus call to prepare was and is spiritual. To prepare our hearts and be free from sin, but also specifies crises and disasters that our eyes maybe will see it happening or maybe our children will see it, however, God wants for us, that as long as we can and is also His will, for us to stay alive at all times and to do the will of his Kingdom. The word says that everyone who seeks and follows Christ is an Ambassador of God. Embassies must be open to attend to the needs of their fellow citizens even in the worst crisis situations. With this been said, I want to bring the teaching that “IT IS” a mandate of the Lord to live PREPARED and not to be ignorant in our way of life.

From time to time, you have to look at the compass of life and see if we are still navigating in the right direction. Negative voices will ALWAYS be there, discouragement will ALWAYS come, impediments and stumbling will ALWAYS come, but we must be more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

These past elections for the presidency of the United States brought a hostile atmosphere among many. Because of the plans for many drastic changes in government, and changes that are necessary to stabilize the American economy and welfare, but many liberal idealists moved out to the streets. They do not want such changes and are moving the masses to go out and protests. In the last two years we see that these protests are increasingly aggressive, forming skirmishes between some individuals without consciences, who want to destroy everything in front of them, regardless of the value that property has for their owners and the value for the cities where they reside. This human malice will continue to increase and it is another reason for us to motivate ourselves to live prepared, since any event at this time can be aggravated so much that may requires a tougher intervention by the government and end in bloody revolts and even imposing curfews and Martial Law.

My friends of Boricua Preppers, I just want to motivate all of you to continue striving for living preparing for the worst and always hoping for the best. In 2017, I am aiming for more of God’s and family preparation and growth. Remember,  Hosea 4: 6 says: ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge”.

Preparados siempre

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